Our Projects – Our Work

Adopt a Family: With what started as a small family project has grown into something amazing!  Mark Dabiero and his family originally started adopting families in Melvindale rather than exchanging gifts with one another.  In a little over five years, our organization has grown to what it is today.  In 2014 we were able to adopt 117 families (344 children) who all live in the Metro Detroit Area.  Between monetary donations, shoppers and delivery volunteers we are able to make this work!  We are so proud of all of those who are involved.  Not only does each child receive a Christmas they otherwise may not have had, we also donated groceries for the entire family.


The Shoe Box Project:  Detroit is reported to have over 18,000 homeless people living in the city and that is said to be a conservative number.  As the winter months grow colder we like to  do our part!  With the help from our good friend and board member Maureen Dwyer, The Shoe Box Project as we call it was born.  All packaged in a shoe box, a care package of necessities is put together and given directly to those in need.  Included in the package are travel size items of; tooth paste, deodorant, shampoo, shaving cream, lotion/sunscreen, razors, toothbrush, lip balm, bar soap, comb/brush, wash cloth, gloves, hat, candy bar and feminine hygiene products.