About Us

Our Organization

Dabiero Charities is a registered 501(c)3 charitable organization.  As such all contributions are tax deductible.  The Charity is managed by President Carla Dabiero and is assisted by a voluntary board of directors.  In fact, there are no paid positions in the charity.  Further, all operating expenses are covered by individual and corporate contributions to ensure that all the money and items collected by the charity go directly to those in need.

Our Objective

As a local organization our objective is to assist local individuals and families that for any number of reasons, may find themselves in a position where they are in need of assistance.  Our objective is to match those needs with the help we can provide.  Our goal is to continuously expand our programs and projects to reach out to more people in need.

We Need You

Charities depend on the goodness, compassion and generosity of its contriutors.  Clearly we are no exception.  If you have the capacity to assist as a volunteer or wish or wish to contribute to our organization, please, fell free to contact Carla Dabiero at 734-641-2800, or e-mail giveback@dabierocharities.org.